Thirty Tigers
611 Merritt Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
tel 615.664.1167

For general inquiries, please submit your request to us here. (Please note that we are not accepting unsolicited distribution or management submissions at this time.)

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For press and interview inquiries concerning our company or Triple Tigers Records, please contact Garrett Carty.

David Macias

Lee Dannay
Vice President, A&R

Robert Knotts
Vice President, Digital Strategy

Lindsay Reid
Vice President, Contemporary Radio Promotion

Mike DePippa
SVP/Promotion and Artist Development

Sara Silver
Head of UK/EU Operations

Christian Roreau
Artist Manager

Debbie Undercoffer
Office Manager

Mike Couse
Director of Physical Sales

Matt Bury
Director of Project Management

Cheryl Moore
Senior Project Manager

Ale Delgado
Project Manager

Darby Leiber
Project Manager

Drew Loschke
Project Manager

John Moser
Project Manager

Al Thrash
Project Manager

Alex Ramsay
Production Coordinator

Micki Windham
Production Coordinator

Zach Walton
Indie Retail and Marketing Coordinator

Andrew De Torres
Digital Sales Manager

Amy O’Brien
European Digital Manager

Garrett Carty
Marketing and Advertising Manager

Caroline Fearnow
Radio Promotions Coordinator


Live Like Bob.


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