Remembering Jessi Zazu

Jessi Zazu Darlin Wariner was a client and friend of Thirty Tigers, and we are so incredibly sad to learn of her passing at the incredibly, ridiculously, cruelly young age of 28.  We will remember her as an endlessly creative artist, but also as a kind, generous, cool person.  Go back and read the last part of the previous sentence again, because it’s hard for words to capture just how much of all of those things she was, so maybe repetition will drive the point home.  She was just the best.

Those Darlins was a very important band for Thirty Tigers.  They came along at a time when we had something to prove to the community: that we could be a good home for young, vibrant, progressive bands, and the trust that they showed in us in letting us fight for them was an important step for the company.  They made us a much cooler place to be than we ever had been before.  They were also important for Nashville.  Nashville had something to prove as well.  We were mostly a country music town and a Christian music town.  We had it in us to be more than that, and Those Darlins were at the vanguard of creating a scene that made our town a beacon for those who wanted to come from somewhere else and do some cool ass shit.

There are those who live life in a way that leave a mark after they leave us.  Our Bob Goldstone was such a person.  We think of him all the time and his loving nature inspires us to this day.  Jessi is that kind of person.  She was fearless in her art, and fearless in fighting the disease that eventually took her from all of us.  While her body was fighting her, she was creating, and she was inspiring all of us.  Those of us in the Tiger family that grew to know you and love you; we will never, ever forget you.


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