What We Do

We provide a home for independent artists.

Marketing & Distribution
Thirty Tigers Marketing and Distribution provides independent artists a way to bring their art to the market place, while maintaining ownership of their recordings. Our team will guide their music to the masses via traditional brick & mortar record stores, digital retailers and streaming services; on the demand side we assist our clients in implementing a plan that will help raise their visibility above the din of noise that exists in today’s media space.  This is done with our in house veteran sales, marketing and promotion team.

Thirty Tigers Management strives to help artists define their vision and achieve it. We value creativity, honesty and a solid work ethic in ourselves and our artists. We believe in building careers. We believe that we can deliver results in our artist’s best interest, while still treating people the way that we’d like to be treated. Our managers collectively have expertise and relationships in label management, artist development, retail sales, touring, digital sales and marketing, festival development, publicity, radio promotion, and more.


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